Are You Battling Appointment Cancellations?

 |  Jay Dickens

With the new lockdown in full swing, some of you may be seeing an increase in cancellations.

I understand this can be frustrating, as this time around you are still allowed to see your patients, but you are now facing this new hurdle. 

Here are a few suggestions which can help limit the effect of lockdown on your business.

Social Media

Keeping in contact with your patients is more important than ever. According to a GlobalWebIndex survey some 46% of women and 41% of men said they’ve spent more time on social media during the pandemic, making it the second-most popular digital activity.

So, making sure ALL your social media platforms are active is a must! 

We encourage our clients to record reassurance videos, clarify what the new restrictions mean to your practice and what procedures you have in place to keep them COVID safe. My one suggestion would be to keep it as light as possible. Too much information can have a reverse effect. 

If you are proceeding as business as normal, then let this show in your posts but remember to keep the informative posts frequent.

As the vaccine rolls out make sure this is on your social media! Has your whole team had their first dose? Are you testing once or twice a week? Make sure your patients know this, it will make them feel safer. Not only on social media but in your newsletters.

Top tip: Add in non-dental related posts to your social media, whether this is motivational quotes, charity support or NHS advice.

Email Broadcasts

As a marketing agency we provide this bi-weekly for our clients, it gives you a chance to put more concentrated content together and to reach out to your patients. Make sure you’re linking to your website or booking forms if you are offering sign up services.

Pick Up The Phone

Do you have patients that are considered vulnerable? Call them before they call you, that way you can advise them and they can make the choice as to whether to move their appointment or if they would still prefer to come in. It is also a good idea to contact patients that you may feel need personal help and offer shopping or pharmacy collections. Or make contact with patients who are particularly isolated – I’m sure they would be grateful for a friendly voice checking in on them.

Go the Extra Mile

Contacting local schools or food banks, to see if you can help with food donations, PPE or dental supplies, is not only great for social content, but also to build your community values. 

Go Virtual

This one is very popular already, but the results of offering virtual smile consultations from the comfort of your own home, has been outstanding. We have seen data indicating more than 50 new patients in some cases, during the first lockdown. This is a great tool to work with, even when you are open, as busy people can easily jump in on a zoom call during their lunch break but would struggle otherwise to make it physically to an appointment. 

Consistency is Key

Regardless if you are posting on social media, putting up flyers or banners on your website, it is important for you to stand out and make sure you have one clear message and cross brand on all platforms. When it comes to social media DO NOT reduce the level of priority, stay consistent and post at least three times a week on your feed and stories.

To find out how we can help you grow your practice and your team get in touch today. ⁠ ⁠

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Connect Your Award Winning Dental Marketing Partner

Connect Your Award Winning Dental Marketing Partner

Connect Your Award Winning Dental Marketing Partner

Connect Your Award Winning Dental Marketing Partner

Connect Your Award Winning Dental Marketing Partner

Connect Your Award Winning Dental Marketing Partner

Connect Your Award Winning Dental Marketing Partner

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